At SPINREACT we believe that most of our competitive advantage comes from the people that make up the company. Their skills, training, and commitment provide us with everything we need to keep progressing year after year.

In this aspect more than any other, we're growing together!

  • Sandra Presta

    Manager of the administration department

    When Sandra joined Spinreact, there were just 20 employees. She is currently in charge of company accounting.

  • Maria Guerra

    Formulation of Biochemistry reagents

    Her work covers the first chapter in the life of many of our products. If you are analysing a biochemistry parameter, it is likely that the reagent you are using has passed through her hands.

  • Ester Darné

    Manager of the packaging area

    Ester’s main role is the coordination of different packaging lines according to our customer's needs.

  • Sílvia Vilarrasa

    Quality control manager

    Over two decades in the quality control department, making sure that all the reagent lots made by Spinreact perform correctly. She is the one who signs the analysis certificates.

  • Cristina Crespi

    Manager of the Serology department

    Cristina started in 2020 managing the manufacturing of all the reagents for serology, turbilatex, immunoturbidimetry, and drugs of abuse.

  • Vanessa Berga

    Researcher in the R&D department

    She works on projects for the launch of new products and lines as well as in the development of some reagents already in our portfolio.

  • Belinda Ruiz

    Business Units Department

    She is part of the team that processes the orders we receive. She manages orders from our customers as they arrive and follows their progress until they are delivered in the manner agreed, with all their documentation.

  • Mia Alabau

    Technical Service

    Mia’s main tasks in the technical service are to provide technical assistance to users of Spinreact instruments and to manage spare part stocks. If you work with our instruments, you have probably been in contact with him

  • Marta Plana

    Manager of the shipping area

    Her department manages the company’s finished product stock and prepares all the orders that are then sent to all our customers

  • Eduard Soler


    Edu is an example for everyone and an endless source of energy